Le Foodist Culinary Classes


When you think about Paris what is it that comes to your mind? Love? Food? Fashion? For sure its love. Nothing is so fascinating than combining love and food. The Love of Food. Paris is the home to some of the most famous cuisines. When you visit Paris not only should one put their taste buds to work but can also learn how to make these famous French cuisines. Learn to make the famous French pastries by joining the Le Foodist pastry classes. Le Foodist has one of the top rated pastry chef where one gets to discover the French culture through food.

Types of Pastries taught at Le Foodist

Le Foodist pastry classes offers lessons on how to prepare some of the famous Paris cuisines. Pastries taught range from desserts, chocolates, French breads among others. Desserts lovers get to learn how to make the tantalizing soufflé, the Ille Flottante with salted caramel and other appetizing French desserts. The chocolate lovers too are not left out since they get to master the art of preparing the mouthwatering chocolate éclairs and puffs.

Details of the Class

Discover French gastronomy

The pastry classes in Paris are offered everyday in the morning hours ranging from 9:00 am to 12 noon and the afternoons at 3:00 to 6:00pm. The classes are short and perfect for tourists since there is ample time for them to do both sightseeing and learning. What is more fascinating is that the classes are offered in English. Isn’t this amazing? Registration for the classes is done online.


Join the pastry class Paris and master the art of becoming a proficient chef. Don’t just remain a pastry connoisseur but get to be a part of making the art. Register now for the Le Foodist pastry classes when you are in vacation and get that awe factor.